What Does The Root Number Mean?

What Does The Root Number Mean


Professional numerologists consider a person’s root number as the most significant number in a person’s life. Several centuries ago, Pythagoras discovered numerology. Keep in mind that Pythagoras discovered it, and not created it. He recognized patterns in objects, humans, and other physical matters that are too uncannily similar that it cannot be ignored. And in these numbers, there is one that holds the most importance, and that is the root number.

With the help of numerology, expert numerologists can predict the future and uncover personal traits that can sometimes be hidden from plain view. Some people who have turned to numerology were able to unlock skills and talents they never knew they had, such as playing an instrument. There are those who believe in numerology and reincarnation, and believe that the skills they acquired in their past lives can be brought forth in this new life.

As the name implies, the root number serves as the foundation for numerology readings. The root number denotes the day of one’s birth. In every culture, the date of birth has always been of great significance. Similar to how zodiac signs and astrology can determine one’s personal traits, skills and behaviours, the root number can give one a sense of deeper understanding of himself.

You would notice that zodiac has 12 signs, while numerology has nine root numbers. Although centuries have passed, the number of groups has not changed. When you compare the readings in your zodiac sign and in your root number, you will notice that there is a huge similarity between the two. This demonstrates and indicates the precision of both divine arts.

When getting a numerology reading, your root number plays a vital role. It helps the reading become more accurate, honing in on certain aspects of the reading to make it more personal and precise. The greatest numerologists are able to predict the future when they combine numerology readings and their root number! That is how powerful this number is.

So how exactly do you get your root number? The process is simple: just take the day of your birth. If it is a single digit, you already have it. If it consists of two digits, just add those up until you get a single digit. Keep in mind that root numbers are only from one to nine.

Although you can gain an insight with personality interpretation using root number groups, root numbers have a lot of use for in depth numerology readings. Get a numerology reading today.