Numerology In The Modern World

Numerology In The Modern World


Numerology is a divine science that has been around since the 6th century BC. Pythagoras was the first to discover that there is a deeper relationship between numbers and spirituality. Although it remains mysterious up until now, certain numerical patterns in the Universe have been uncovered and are now being used as foundations of Numerology.

Although the lives of people from centuries ago are a far cry from the lives of people in the modern age, the connection between numbers and life has not changed. Indeed, it would even seem as if those who created numerology have perfected it so as to apply in any age, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether it may be the Pythagoras numerology system, the Chinese Lu Sho grid, or the Chaldean numerology, it can still be implemented in our lives today.

In order to adapt to the modern world, minor adjustments have been made on the foremost created systems. Among the largest changes in the system is the modification brought about by the changes in the alphabet. At the beginning of numerology, the Hebraic alphabet, which consisted of 22 letters, was used. When the Greek alphabet became more commonly used, it was again adjusted. Nowadays, a huge percentage of the world use Roman alphabet consisting of 26 letters, which is why numerology was amended once again. If in the future and the alphabet varies again, the system will once again be changed in order to adapt to the changing times.

Even with the modifications that numerology has undergone, the systems that we use today are still recognizable and have a lot of similarities with the first ones. The reason behind this is simple: numerology uses numbers and mathematical formulas. People can use numerology similar to how people can use algebraic formulas to compute numbers.

Because numerology relies heavily on math, massive changes cannot be made on it. Even with the introduction of new thoughts and alternative theories and concepts in order to come up with calculations that are more precise, the prevailing numerical schemes are still useful.

Similar to when it was discovered that our planet is round – we cannot alter the truth. What is left for us is to learn more about this spherically shaped world. With numerology, what is left for us to find more accurate processes to calculate the numbers and evaluate the relationship of these numbers to our lives.

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