Create Your Own Luck Through Numerology

Create Your Own Luck Through Numerology


Numerology is the process of using numbers to analyse and interpret certain aspects of the Universe. It can be used to understand a person’s character, gain insight on the future or have a deeper understanding of one’s true purpose.

It is said that there are four main numbers that influence a person’s life. If you know what these numbers are, you will have the opportunity to determine your luck in the future. However, don’t think of these numbers as a way to win the lottery. These numbers are said to foresee and represent dates of significant events likely to occur in your life. It could be the day you meet your future partner, the day your business starts booming or the date of birth of your child. Whatever it may be, knowing these numbers and what they mean can help you attune your luck towards a more positive scenario.

The four core numbers are:

  • Life Path Number. As the name itself implies, your life path number will give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your personality and the path you should take in life. Because it gives you insight on your life in general, this is regarded as the most important number in a person’s numerology readings. Getting your life path number is pretty simple. All you need to do is add up your date of birth. Add the numbers of the year together, and then add the numbers of the month and the day. If you get two digits as a result, add these numbers up again until you reach a single digit. If you come up with 11, 22 or 33, do not add them up any further. The number that you get is your life path number.
  • Expression Number. If you want to have a deeper awareness of yourself, your abilities, talents and even limitations, then this is the number to check out. You can obtain this number with the help of your full name. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, and when you add the numbers that represent your full name, you will be able to get your expression number.
  • Motivation Number. What drives your life? The answer is simple – your dreams and aspirations. This is what the motivation number represent. To get this number, you must again find the corresponding number of every letter in your name. Look for the vowels and add them up, once again reducing to a single digit – this is the motivation number. This number is also called Soul number or Heart number.
  • Birthday Number. Because it is your day of birth, it also holds a more intimate connection to you. It can be a talent or skill that you have not yet discovered or encouraged. You can easily get this number from the day of your birth, or by adding these up until you arrive at a single digit.

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