Can Changing My Name Affect My Numerology Readings?

Can Changing My Name Affect My Numerology Readings


We have often heard of celebrities and famous personalities alter their name so as to change their luck in life. Will doing so have an impact in your life? Does your name have the power to influence your future?

This question has been up for debate for decades. Some numerologists believe that the name you are given at birth represent your personality traits and these cannot be altered by the whim of changing your birth name.

Your expression number and destiny number are obtained by adding up corresponding numbers to the letters of your name. If you get a numerology reading and you did not like it, you cannot just change your name in order to get an amicable reading or to circumvent an obstacle in your life. If one can avoid an unpleasant major life change by just changing his name, then every Tom, Dick, and Harry would do it.

For those who believe that changing your name can change your life, it is a two-way street.  If you change your name to sidestep an unpleasant event in your life, you may also unavoidably change the positive aspects of your life. Clearly, it is a double-edged sword.

Including Different Names in Numerology Readings

Let us take into consideration that we all use a different name in certain aspects of our lives. For instance, you may go by a nickname when it comes to friends and family. You may have a pen name if you’re a writer. If you are female and married,you have your married name. You may even have a code name when you want to hide your true identity. These are names that you should also consider including when getting your expression and destiny numbers.

You are a unique being, and using all your names (your birth name and your alternate ones), you will be able to understand more about yourself. You will behave differently on every situation, depending on where you are and who you are with. Faced with the same situation, you will act in a different manner if you are in the company of your family who call you by your nickname, as compared to what you’ll do in the company of your workmates who call you by your real name.

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