Hi, my name is Ronald Friedman and I am a Master Numerologist.

I had a fun but pretty ordinary childhood. Growing up in a small family, I liked playing outside with other kids. However, even as a child, numbers interested me in a different way. There was something about numbers: its symbolism and mystery that captivated me. What do these numbers really mean?

Even as years passed by, my interest in numbers did not dampen. I started studying numerology. And although the scientific discipline kept me interested, I had the feeling that there was more to numbers than science could explain. There was a deeper, magical aspect to it that I was determined to discover.

I found out that the number’s symbolism can help one understand an individual’s character, strengths and weaknesses, interests, obstacles, and how they deal and react to emotional moments in their lives.

To further my studies, I had to include quantum physics in my study of numerology. I was fascinated with the notion that our existence and way of life does not revolve around chance and luck, but is also influenced by numbers. And I realized that the Universe is actually pointing us to the right direction. We were handed signs and hints to help us untangle the mysteries of life and discover our purpose.

Indeed, there is more to numbers than meets the eye.

With this idea in mind, I dove head on to explore numerous areas of metaphysics. Together with a deeper sense of awareness, I found ways to help other people discover the essence of their existence, allowing them to discover what their true purpose in life is.

The advent of the internet made everything else so much easier. I am now able to communicate and share my knowledge with the rest of the world – with you.

However, to keep up with the pressing needs of this changing world, I had to adapt. I have altered my name and my image to protect my work identity. I put 100% care and effort in everything that I create, especially the numerology products and services that I have produced for my clients around the globe. I myself craft the readings, and I warrant that the information and materials you’ll obtain from us are deeply anchored in numerology as well as self-improvement. Everything we offer is made by professional and expert numerologists. Putting together numerology and personal development allowed us to help thousands of individuals worldwide recognize their untapped potential and act towards their True Purpose!

Your friend,